Androgynous Cultures

  • Almond: Virility, crushed the juice resembles semen
  • Black: Life and fertility, from dirt
  • Bull: Virility
  • Cedar: Longevity
  • Crocodile: Water, death
  • Cow: Fertility, milk
  • Dog: Guards the dead, protects the living
  • Dove: Purity
  • Evergreen: Long Life
  • Feng-huang: Rebirth
  • Fish: Water, fertility
  • Green: Life
  • Lion: Solar, mane
  • Moon: Feminine, lunar cycle
  • Nine: Triple three
  • Oak: Virility, long life
  • Pentagram: Five is a perfect number, immortality
  • Phoenix: Rebirth
  • Pig: Motherhood, fertility
  • Quetzal: Rebirth
  • Ram: Feminine, horns resemble partial moon
  • Raven: Purifier
  • Scorpion: Death
  • Seven: Number of visible celestial bodies
  • Simurgh: Rebirth
  • Snake: Immortality through regeneration, renewing skin
  • Sun: Life, regeneration
  • Three: Magic number, number of months in season, number of full moon days
  • Vulture: Purifier
  • Water: Creation
  • White: Death, the purity of cleaned bones.

Celtic Cultures

  • Triquetra

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