The daily lives of paleolithic humans were filled with symbolism. They saw it in the animals they hunted, the tools they used, the weather, the stars, the plants,


Humans of the period had no fables and axioms, instead all they had was the natural world. Observing life, death, sex, hunting, suckling, and grazing was how they learned. In the shedding of a snake's skin they saw immortality, and in immortality they saw great wisdom. In vultures they saw purifiers; carrion birds stripped the last remnants of one life away from an animal so that it could begin its path toward reincarnation in another.

Good and EvilEdit

The animal world has no evil. Instead, there is only need. A tiger needs to eat, so when he comes across young rabbits he kills them. By the same thinking a crocodile might kill an unsuspecting human because it is hungry. Humans did not understand the concept of good and evil, either, because it was not a part of their daily lives.

  • Alligator: As a symbol of water it also represented fertility.
  • Apple: A symbol of immortality.
  • Bear: Storms.
  • Black: Representing earth, it was life and fertility.
  • Blood: As the essense of life, blood represented life.
  • Bone: Representing the state of being fully dead. Only when all the flesh was gone.
  • Bull: A symbol of masculinity it was also a symbol of female fertility because of its horns' shape.
  • Butterfly: Its genesis represented reincarnation.
  • Cat: A lunar figure because of its female qualities.
  • Cave: Because of its resemblance to the womb, birth and rebirth.
  • Cow: Because of its milk was central to early civilized man, they symbolized female fertility and motherhood.
  • Coyote: A trickster.
  • Crow: A trickster.
  • Dirt: As the source of plants, dirt was fertility.
  • Eagle: As a dominant face of the air and eagle symbolized the sun.
  • Egg: As the source of life, it symbolized life
  • Garlic: Virginity.
  • Hawk: As a dominant face of the air and eagle symbolized the sun.
  • Lion: Because of its color and mane it represented the sun.
  • Moon: Because its cycle resembled a woman's it was a woman's symbol.
  • Oak: A long-living, stable tree it symbolized strength and long life.
  • Peacock: It's many eyes symbolized fertility.
  • Pomegranate: Its many seeds symbolized fertility.
  • Porcupine: A solar figure
  • Redwood: As a long-living tree it represented immortality.
  • Red: As the color of blood, red represented life.
  • Snake: Because it could shed its skin it was immortality.
  • Sun: As the source of life it was a symbol of life.
  • Tomb: Because of its resemblance to the womb, birth and rebirth.
  • Vulture: A purifier symbol.
  • Water: As a source of all life it represented life.
  • White: As the color of bones it represented death.

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