The Son and Lover

The Son/Lover

Around 8,000 B.C.E. humans began to develop agriculture, and with it the notion that there was a second element involved in reproduction. The result was the development of a male element in the religion as well. As the more recent and less established of the duo, the male was first a son, but later the lover of Mother Earth and the father of all life.

This new development imitated the cycle and limitations of the human male, who developed into potency only to weaken immediately. In time, the male was conceived once a year at the autumn equinox. He grew to youth in the spring in order to impregnate mother earth, aged during the summer, and died in the autumn only to be replaced by a new male partner for Mother Earth.

The new arrangement gave men a measure of the magic of life that had traditionally gone to women alone, but did leave men in an inferior position in that respect.

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