Microliths are made of chert or flint and are no longer than one centimeter or half a centimeter wide. It is made from either a small blade or a sharp piece of flint through what is known as retouching, or resharpening. They have been worked enough to be easily distinguishable from workshop waste.


There are dozens of varieties, varying definitely by region and probably by specific use. Some appear to look like mini-arrowheads, while others have a long bladed edge. Many are symmetrical, while others are not.


There are many ideas about the uses of microliths, but it is clear they were primarily a hunter's tool. Microliths were probably used to increase the penetration power of weapons. For that purpose, they might be attached to the back end of a spearhead, arrowhead, or harpoon. It could be argued that Kediak's mace is an example of the use of obsidian microliths.

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