• Etymology: Calf Harder
  • Birth: 453
  • Height: 1.82 m/6'0"
  • Weight: 82 kg/180 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Dark Red
  • Facial Hair: Full mustache and sideburns
  • Tattoos: Interlink symbol on his arms and a Fomorian on his back.
  • Scars: Across his cheek, along his left arm, several on his abdomen, a puncture along his ribs


As a son of the king, Niall, Loegaire was put out in harm's way as soon as he was old enough to start asking about being a king. He learned through combat and mistake how to fight.


Loegaire succeeded his father Niall. He spent most of his career fighting against the Leinstermen of the south, but he did have to deal with the annoyance of Patrick's missionary work. Once he had accepted that he found he had more support from the continent which meant more validity among the Irish.


Loud when he needs to be but generally a man who can sit back and observe, Loegaire has learned that he does not have his father's gifts of statesmanship or with the women and so would much rather find a course of action that works to his advantage.


  • The Demon of Lleuenydd

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