Kingship is an ancient means of rule in which an alpha male rules a region or a group of settlements by his personal magnetism alone.

Age of HeroesEdit

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    Celtic: Kingship among the Irish, Britons, and Picts was as much a symbolic/religious institution as it was as it was political.

Election: The election to the office involved first a public selection. Celtic kings were chosen among a cousinhood, all males of eligible who were descended from a king within four generations. Once the best person had been agreed upon he was asked to sit on a kingship stone. Legend has it that a poor candidate would be swallowed up by the stone while a good choice would be greeted with a scream.

Inauguration: A successful candidate would then be crowned with a ceremony that involved a cup and a woman who was normally his queen and who symbolized his wife. The cup would be filled by the woman and she would ask the question: 'To whom does the cup belong?' She would be pointed toward the new king. His acceptance of the cup from her hands and his drinking from it would complete the ceremony.

Religious Connection: It was believed that the woman would come to represent the land. For that reason, the king's actions would be reflected in her. If he was a brave man who gave good judgments then his wife would remain perpetually young, and the land he ruled would be bountiful. If he ever showed cowardice though, or lost his wisdom, then his queen would age into an old hag and the kingdom would fall into famine.

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