The hall was the king's home and the location of all feasts.


The hall was the center of life in heroic age society. As the king's home and the place where feasts took place it was the place of camaraderie with warriors, of music and stories with professional entertainers and of a personal bond with the king through gifts of jewelry, armor, weapons, land, and position. It was the political, military, and emotional capital of a kingdom.

Celtic HallEdit

  • Dimensions: These have been found up to thirty meters long and fifteen wide (9x5).
  • British halls were made of wattle and daub, with thatching for a roof. They had a single bench down the middle, with a pit underneath and two benches lining each side. The king had a chair at the head of the table. Entrance was likely through a porch in the center of one side wall.

Germanic HallEdit

  • Dimensions: They could be up to fifty meters long and twenty-five meters wide (16x8).
  • The Germanic hall was made of wood, with a wood roof. It had one bench down the middle, with a pit underneath. Two benches lined each side with a seat at the head of the table for the king. The entrance was at the far side of the hall.

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