Hunting - The act of tracking, trapping/cornering/manipulating, killing, skinning, and eating an animal

Age of ObsidianEdit

Paleolithic and Mesolithic humans believed that animals had equal intelligence to their own and further believed that it was as wrong to simply kill a game animal as it was to kill each other. Because of this, hunting became a ritual.

  • Cave Paintings: The process of creating and reliving these paintings had several meanings. It was a preparation for the tribe. It was a remembrance of the gift of life the animals were supplying them with in allowing themselves to be killed. Finally, the ceremony was meant as an appreciation and as a means of convincing the animals to allow themselves to be killed.
  • The hunt: Much like American Indians, it appears that they killed only what they needed to survive.
  • Using the carcass: Again like the American Indians, every part of an animal would be used. The meat would be eaten and the skin used for furs. The bones had a wide variety of uses as tools, sinews might be used for affixing arrowheads to spears.

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