An heroic age is a period of time when the established political and cultural roots of a culture have been uprooted because of violent military, social, or climatic change

Irish Heroic AgeEdit

Period: First century before the Common Era. This is the time of Conchobar and the warriors of his band, most notably Cù Chulainn. The main event is the Cattle Raid of Cooley, more famously known as the Tàin Bo Cuailgne.

Germanic Heroic AgeEdit

Period: Beginning in the first century and surviving into the sixth century. The Age of Migrations would bring in the Germanic tribes, whose constant search for land, money, and food would force them into a culture of raiding and incessant warfare. It was only when they were able to freely settle all over the Western Roman Empire that the era fizzled out.

British Heroic AgeEdit

Period: Last third of the fifth century to the first third of the seventh. This was a response to the migrations of the Germanic peoples and their spread across Britain. The British Heroic Age was distinguished by cattle raids and the fame of individuals such as Arthur, Urien, and Run son of Maelgwn.

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