• Etymology:
  • Height: 1.57 m/5' 2"
  • Weight: 41 kg/90 lbs.
  • Hair: Midnight Black
  • Facial Hair: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars: None
  • Died:


She was from a farming village somewhere in Strat Clut, born and raised to be a farmer's wife. She was spotted by one of Ceredig's men just before her eighteenth birthday.


Ceredig took her into his household, but she somehow managed to follow Arthur back to Luguvalium after he left for Luguvalium. Arthur seemed to take an immediate liking to her.


A very young, naive girl, Gwendolyn was brought into Alt Clut innocent of sex and the hall.


The Doom of Alt Clut

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