Ogham Alphabet

Ogham Alphabet

Age of HeroesEdit

  • Cuirass: Body armor made of leather
  • Milch Cow: A cow still giving milk


  • Arglwyd: British Lord
  • Beirdd: Bard
  • Bragawt: Wine made from honey
  • Brenhin: Independent king
  • Cwrwgl: A local boat used by Britons for sailing rivers and lakes mainly, holds two or three persons
  • Gwledig: Emperor or over-king
  • Gwystl: Pledge or hostage
  • Meddyg: A king's appointed physician
  • Paratha: A flatbread spiced and topped with vegetables and meat
  • Penn Beirdd: Head Bard, a king's chief bard
  • Porthawr: King's porter; responsible for admitting potential warriors in the fort
  • Rhyfelfawr: Warrior without a king
  • Teulu: King's war-band; from the Welsh for family
  • Tyghet: Destiny, only in Celtic culture it was an active destiny created by statements and given strength when spoken by a bard or other individual trained in mythology and poetry
  • Unben: Under-king


  • Cempa: Warrior
  • Ceorl: Vassal
  • Cniht: Knight
  • Comitat: King's war-band
  • Cynges: King
  • Karvi: A Germanic ship used for sailing the English Channel, it held up to a dozen persons
  • Scramasax: A foot-long, single-edged sword
  • Spatha: A sword used by horsemen, tapered at the end
  • Thegn: Retainer


  • Amus: A servant or attendant
  • Ard Rí na hÉireann: The High-King of all Ireland
  • Ard Tuaithe: A king of one of the four major kingdoms of Ireland
  • Aire: Lord
  • Airecht: Public assembly
  • Banamus: Female servant
  • Bo: Milch cow
  • Boaire: Freeman
  • Comarbae: Heir
  • Cumal: Female slave
  • Dam: A lord's retinue
  • Fiallach: War-band
  • Fili: The elite class of poets
  • Flaith: Ruler/King/Lord
  • Geis: Active destiny created by statements and given strength when spoken by a bard or other individual trained in mythology and poetry
  • Oenach: Combining fair and an assembly, it was a time and place where kings could meet under truce
  • Ogham: The Irish alphabet, likely created as a response to the influence of Rome and its alphabet in Britain. Ogham was developed based on Irish Gaelic
  • Ri Tuaithe: The king of one of the five kingdoms of Ireland
  • Ruiri: Overking
  • Tanaise: The heir apparent


  • Amphorae: Latin clay storage vessel, generally for wine and oil
  • Camisa: An undershirt of softer materials
  • Iudex: Village elder; from the Latin for judge

Age of ObsidianEdit


  • Kim: Aluminum
  • Lili: Flower

Proto-Elamite Edit

  • Kediak: Big Cat

Kepu Edit

  • Nunu: Master

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