• Born: 461
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Rust
  • Facial Hair: Around Jawline
  • Tattoos: Triquetra on right cheek
  • Scars: Across abdomen
  • Died:


Born into the House of Ulster, Fiachna had all the best; education, food, and women. He has become a Christian out of political necessity and learned Latin, but still considers himself more Irish than Roman.


By the time Fiachna reached adulthood, Loegaire was the king. Since then he has kept a stable and prosperous kingdom. Fiachna has been largely reduced to petty cattle raids and slavery runs into Britain until recently. He sees his meetings with Ceredig and other British chieftains as a means of winning power back home even when he realizes he is being set up to fail.


Fiachna son of Fergus son of Eochaid Mugmedon. He is cousin to Loegaire son of Niall, the current high-king.


The high-kingship of Ireland quickly developed into a patrilinear succession upon Niall's death, but Fiachna is hoping to win more fame than his kin and be elected through his superior prowess and diplomatic accomplishments. Fiachna also has a strong sense of honor that goes beyond winning fame; his return to rescue Jacob proved that.


  • The Demon of Llewynydd