A basic part of everyday life in the Age of Ice was learning of skills from those around you, a person's clan. It was an informal process, without a directed teacher or a focused curriculum, but it did allow the next generation to learn the skills of the last one.


Done mainly by men in adulthood and not central to life, hunting was also done by women who did not have children to nurse. Hunting was taught by going out with other hunters and learning firsthand. Premenstrual girls and older women with no small children would go with the men.

Use of the AnimalEdit

Learning how every bone, tendon, and organ of an animal could be used for the improvement of the tribe was best learned by both sexes. Men and women of the tribe would partake in teaching and applying that knowledge.


Taking unusual or shiny stones and decorating them with animal or abstract designs was a learned behavior for both sexes.


Daughters were taught from early on how to care for siblings under their mothers' eye. This would prepare them for motherhood and served as additional protection for the children against predators.

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