• Etymology: Whelp
  • Born: 462
  • Height: 1.77 m/5'10"
  • Weight: 102 kg/224 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Thinning Brown
  • Facial Hair: Growing in
  • Tattoos: Along his arms from his training
  • Scars: One on his left arm
  • Died: ?


Little is known about Cian's birth or early childhood, though a safe guess would be that he was raised on Irish-occupied Môn. Trained as a bard, he spent many years learning all of the myths and legends of the Celts as well as the motifs and rhyme schemes of his trade.


Graduating from bard academy, Cian met and fell in with Arthur early on, following him to Reged and being one of the first members of his teulu. There he polished his craft in singing Arthur's praises and creating for him an honorable and old family history.


As a respected bard in his early twenties, Cian is an intelligent, curious, hard-working scholar. He is also not afraid of combat, enjoying the idea of going out and being with the men as he did when he first met Arthur. Cian also likes his food, especially apples and bragawt.


  • The Demon of Lleuenydd