Camboglanna, Arthur's last battle

  • Kingdom: Reged
  • Coordinates: 54.465 North, 2.761 West
  • OS Grid Reference: NY5463

Political SignificanceEdit

As a decrepit fortress on Hadrian's Wall, fifth-century Camboglanna was home to a British village whose denizens were descended from people who had served the British soldiers.


Camboglanna was originally built as one of many fortresses designed to man and protect Hadrian's Wall. It was officially abandoned in the fourth century when Maximus and then Constantine stole the last of the Roman soldiers from Britain for their wars of conquest. Camboglanna, as with many permanent fortresses, had already built of a supplementary village filled with people who fed, entertained, and supplied the garrison. These individuals remained at Camboglanna, eventually inhabiting the fort itself.


  • The Demon of Lleuenynnd