Roman Brigantia

Culture Group: British

Political SituationEdit

In the decades following the Roman withdrawal, Brigantia was one of many coastal regions overwhelmed by former Germanic mercenaries and new migrants.  During the last decades of the fifth century, the area was a political maze, with villages of varying cultures dotting the landscape.

As the domain of Ceneu, the constant squabbling and cattleraiding that had marked the region subsided.  Though never safe from the raids of northern kings and opportunistic pirates, it did develop into a good complement to Arthur's personal lands.

In the wake of the catastrophe at Camboglanna, Ceneu was able to maintain control and provide some stability.


In the pre-Roman period, Brigantia was one of the most powerful kingships in Britain.  Brigantia has shrunk a great deal since Roman times in the face of later political divisions.  It now consists only of the eastern seaboard.


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