One of the basic elements of hunting from its introduction at the end of the ice age, the bow and arrow continued to be a mainstay until the modern age.


The bow is an angled piece of flexible wood with a notch at both ends. The draw string is placed over the notches. When the arrow's back end is fitted into the string, the string is pulled back, saving kinetic energy. When the string is released the kinetic energy adds to the speed of the arrow, allowing it to generate much more speed than a spear or bola could accomplish.

The arrow is a straight piece of wood. Fleches of feather were normally attached the end of the arrow to aid in flight stability. An arrowhead, a much smaller version of a spearhead, would be attached to the front end by resin or gum.


The bow and arrow allowed for much greater range than any other weapon in our repertoire, making it possible to hunt birds.

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