Blacksmith's Workshop

A blacksmith was someone who worked with iron.


There are several aspects to smithing:

  • Bending: Heating metal to a highly ductile state and then using the forge to bend the metal.
  • Drawing: Lengthening a metal by reducing one or both of the other dimensions.
  • Finishing: The process of putting the finishing touches on a metal piece. Painting, varnishing, bluing, browning, oil, and wax.
  • Punching: Using a chisel to create a decorative pattern, or a whole.
  • Upsetting: Shortening a metal by lengthening one or both of the other dimensions.
  • Welding: The process of joining to pieces of metal together.
  • Plasticine: Some metals will lose all tensile strength when they are heated, though they are vulnerable to cracking and breaking apart.


  • Anvil: The base on which metal is shaped.
  • Chisel: A tool used in punching and finishing the metal.
  • Forge: The heating unit.
  • Hammer: Tool for shaping the metal.

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