Leather Cuirass

The last protection from attack, armor was a mainstay in every warrior's armament. Though it varied by the wealth of the owner, it seems to have been fairly consistent between the four cultures. POST-ROMAN

Leather CuirassEdit

The most common type of protection, the leather cuirass protected the chest, and abdomen, with some covering the shoulders. Some slipped on, while others may have been buckled or tied into place on the body.

Chain MailEdit

A mainstay of the Roman army, chain mail represented many hours of tedious ring connections - up to 30,000 rings could be on a suit. They were therefore expensive. Extremely wealthy kings may have afforded it, or warriors may have found older pieces on the battlefields. Chain mail was much better protection in battle as well, so that any man wearing it was likely to appear unkillable.

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