The people of matriarchal civilizations believed that all animals were self-aware. They came from the Earth Mother and were willing to provide all of nature what was needed to survive. Shown the proper respect, they allowed humans to kill them for food, clothing, and tools. Because of this, it was believed that animals allowed themselves to be killed for the good of the humans who ate them. Their meat fed humans, while their bones, sinews, and skins could be used in their daily lives.

Humans reliance on animals and their respect for animal's sacrifice also meant that everything gleaned from a carcass had a religious aspect. For them every piece of clothing, tool, and weapon had a deeper importance, as did every living being on the planet.

And death was not considered an end for the people of these culture. Eventually an animal was stripped of its flesh in a process called excarnation. The transformation left it in a state of being fully dead



At that time Mother Earth rebirthed the animal. It was believed that only the physical form of an animal died, its essense was immortal. All life was immortal, it simply came back in a different form.

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